Child Support When There is an Equal Access Schedule

If neither parent has the children more than 60% of the time (in other words, the parents each have the children on an equal access or roughly equal access schedule), child support is calculated differently.  There is no automatic formula for calculating child support in such circumstances and the legislation and courts have provided various factors for determining child support.  One common way of determining child support when the parents have an equal access schedule is to determine what table child support from parent X to Y is and to then determine what table child support from parent Y to X is and to then have the parent who earns more pay the difference in these two calculations to the other parent.  This is generally called “set-off child support.”  Set-off child support isn’t necessarily the correct approach though.  If you are in or are contemplating an equal access schedule you should speak with a family law lawyer about child support to make sure that you don’t either overpay child support or get less than you should be getting.